We can adapt our maps to any of your products or any of your lines.
Our maps can be delivered as vector files for your digital projects or
as Wall Maps or Folded maps for your promotional projects.

Just let us know what you need and we can quote in less than 24 hours

Latest Vector projects:

African Development Bank project:

Creation of a database of MORE THAN 300 digital maps (ILLUSTRATOR FILES) of ALL countries of Africa for their internal reports. Budget: 50.000 euros


Wall maps for Goverments

In the last years we have created wall maps, over 30.000, for schools and medical charts for Institutions and Hospitals in several countries of Africa.

Benin map for schools

Nespresso project:

Delivery of digital maps for their worldwide magazines (ILLUSTRATOR FILES)
bespoke maps

Explain what you need: Quotations in 24 hours